Our aim is to help and support with information those who are confused, troubled or just curious about gender identity issues. With varying modes of support we can help people from all age ranges and walks of life. To help you we have put together this list of online resources. This list will be added to as we develop the group.

The list of resources available for Download
Our ConstitutionOur Constitution
Membership Application FormMembership Form
Helpful Guides
Surgery: A Guide for Female to Male Transgender peopleSurgery: FTM
Surgery: A Guide for Male to Female Transgender peopleSurgery: MTF
WPATH Standards of CareStandards of Care
Being Transgender At WorkTransgender At Work
Young Persons Transgender GuideGuide for Young Persons
Changing your name
How do I change my Name?Link to Official NZ Government Website
Changing your name on your driver licenceLink to Official NZ Government Website
Changing your name on your passportLink to Official NZ Government Website
Studies and other documents
The Health and Well-Being of Transgender High School Students:
Results From the New Zealand Adolescent Health Survey
Transgender High School Students study
Report of the Inquiry into discrimination experienced by Transgender peopleDiscrimination Inquiry Report -To Be Who I Am
Human Rights Commission draft discussion documentHRC draft discussion document 2010
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